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We did a short investigation and found that the current average of Chinese bookings among Travel Agents is 12 tickets on W2 / 365 documents, but you only issued [urlparam param=”Ctickets”/] tickets so far! This means that there is a high potential for you to raise the number of Chinese bookings!

At WorldTicket, we are specialized in getting Chinese airlines in the GDS and are therefore able to support you. So far, we are working together with Ruili Airlines, Donghai Airlines, Sichuan Air, and Hongkong Express.

By answering the questions below, you will directly take part in our WorldTickets for China – competition and have the chance to win great prizes!

Let’s approach this together and raise your Chinese bookings to 25 tickets within the next three months!

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    Air ChinaBeijing Capital AirlinesChina Eastern AirlinesChina Express AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesChongqing AirlinesDonghai AirlinesGuangxi Beibu Gulf AirlinesHainan AirlinesHebei AirlinesJuneyao AirlinesKumming AirlinesLucky AirOkay AirwaysShandong AirlinesShanghai AirlinesShenzhen AirlinesSichuan AirlinesSpring AirlinesTianjin AirlinesTibet AirlinesWest AirXiamenAir

    9 AirAir GuilinAir Chang'anChengdu AirlinesChina Flying Dragon AviationChina United AirlinesChina Xinhua AirlinesColorful Guizhou AirlinesDalian AirlinesFuzhou AirlinesGrand China AirHongtu AirlinesJiangxi AirJoy AirLongijang AirlinesLoong AirQingdao AirlinesRuili AirlinesUrumqi AirSuparna Airlines

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    Thank you for participating!
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