Citation M2 D-IMIM

Onboard the aircraft you can find a self-service bar with a selection of beverages and snacks. On every flight, we serve a cold Business Class meal suitable for the time of day.

FlexFlight Group

Regional Business Jet

The Citation M2 is perfect for inter European flights. The large baggage compartment will transport luggage, golf bags, skis, and more while keeping the cabin clear. 

Up to 5 passengers

The spacious cabin can accommodate up to 5 passengers. Eight large windows emphasize the spaciousness of the cabin. The Citation M2’s generous interior is wide and inviting with the latest advancements in ergonomic sciences. Its luxurious interior cabin is appointed with the finest materials and finishes. 

Year of Manufacture


Interior refurbishment
Exterior refurbishment
Seating configuration
Cockpit 2
Jumpseat No
Cabin 5
Belted Lavatory Yes
Bed capacity No
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed No


Max range

1.200 nm

Max cruise speed

405 kts

Max altitude

41.000 ft

Cabin height 1.45m
Cabin width 1.47m
Cabin length 3.35 m


Cabin Attendant No
Hot meal service No
Refreshment center Yes
Dual DVD player
Wi-Fi on board No
Satcom phone Yes
Aft Lavatory with door Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed No


Citation M2 D-IMIM max range map from Copenhagen

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