The Learjet 45 is well known as a high-quality mid-sized private jet with great cruise performance and fuel economy.

Can accommodate comfortably 8 passengers in a double club seating.

FlexFlight Group

Mid-sized Business Jet

The Learjet 45 is a high-performing business jet and can guarantee an efficient performance thanks to its innovative system.

Seat arrangement

It features an arrangement of eight double club seats. The interior of this aircraft is designed to offer the most usable space to passengers.

Up to 8 passengers

This Learjet 45 can comfortably accommodate up to 8 passengers and it has a range of approximately 1600nm. It has 65 cubic feet of baggage space.

Year of Manufacture 1997
Interior refurbishment
Exterior refurbishment
Seating configuration
Cockpit 2
Cabin 8
Belted Lavatory
Bed capacity
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes


Max range 1.968nm
Max cruise speed 465kts
Max altitude 51.000ft
Takeoff distance 5.395ft
Max cargo space in the baggage compartment 65 cubic feet
Cargo door dimensions
Cabin height 4 ft 11 In (1,25 m)
Cabin width 5 ft 1 In (1,55 m)
Cabin length 19 ft 9 In (6,06 m)
Cabin Attendant No
Hot meal service
Espresso machine
Dual DVD player
Airshow Yes
Wi-Fi on board
Satcom phone Yes
Aft Lavatory with door Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes



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