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Citation Sovereign, OY-WET

This aircraft has excellent performance, and thanks to the design of the wings, it is able to land on shorter runways than most business jets in its class.

Perfect for European destinations, but also suitable for longer travels. Nicolas D. Webèr

Sales Manager, Flexflight Group

Up to 8 passengers

The aircraft can accommodate up to 8 passengers and provide a 3.200nm range and the sizable cabin makes every business trip a pleasure.

Intercontinental Business Jet

The Citation Sovereign features great short take-off capability, enhanced technology and incredible performance. Pilots and passengers love its versatility, its range, its simple systems, and its comfort.

Baggage arrangement

The baggage space in the Sovereign is the largest of compared to other private jets. This aircraft has 135 cubic feet of total baggage space (100 cuft external;
35 internal).
Year of Manufacture 2006
Seating configuration
Cockpit 2
Jumpseat Yes
Cabin 9
Belted Lavatory Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed No


Max range 2.874nm (5,273km)
Max cruise speed 459km/h
Max altitude 47.000m
Takeoff distance 3.700ft
Max cargo baggage compartment 100ft³
Cargo door dimensions
Cabin height 5ft 8in/1.73m
Cabin width 5ft 6in/1.68m
Cabin length 25ft 3in/7.71m
Cabin Attendant Optional
Hot meal service
Espresso machine
Dual DVD player
Airshow Yes
Wi-Fi on board Yes
Satcom phone Yes
Aft Lavatory with door Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed No


Max range from Roskilde

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