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WorldTicket is a service provider for the Danish airline Flexflight and in cooperation with Flexflight we have developed Flexflight Sub-Hosting®; a unique opportunity for the small and mid-sized airlines to get GDS distribution without an IATA 2-letter code and without waiting for implementation time slots.

With Flexflight Sub-Hosting®, the passengers can now book tickets on scheduled flights between several destinations in Europe via the sub-hosted airlines. Up until now, five European airlines are being sub-hosted and more airlines are continuously added to the list.

The reasons for choosing Flexflight Sub-Hosting® are many. Very often the start-up airlines need to start selling as quickly as possible and have an urgent need to start making revenue after going through lengthy and expensive start-up processes. With Flexflight Sub-Hosting® these airlines can start selling both through their website and the GDS within just a couple of weeks. Furthermore, virtual airlines can become more independent of their operating carrier as they are no longer obliged to use the sales and reservation system of the operating carrier.

For already established airlines Flexflight Sub-Hosting® holds many advantages as well. When these airlines start up new activities they often require immediate GDS distribution, and for these airlines, WorldTicket can also have them selling through the GDS on these activities in a matter of weeks.

We wish to keep a high level of flexibility and it is your choice if Flexflight Sub-Hosting® should be used as a permanent solution or only temporarily. To get started with Flexflight Sub-Hosting® all you have to do is sign up with WorldTicket and enter a commercial and Interline agreement with Flexflight and you can be for sale in the GDS just a couple of weeks later. You will use the IATA code of Flexflight, W2, and will thus be displayed as W2 in the GDS. It is easy, simple and flexible and an opportunity for the small and mid-sized airlines to make the most of the sales channels.

For more information about Flexflight Sub-Hosting® please contact WorldTicket on +45 3956 3955 or send an email to .