Challenger 605, OY-CCH

The Challenger 605 is a perfect match for long range flights. This heavy business jet sums up all the components when relaxtion and comfort are a priority. The aircraft has a max range of 3500 nautical miles and suits a variety of travel purposes.

The aircraft cabin has comfortable, pedestal-mounted swivel chairs, bed capacity of four, seats up to ten passengers, has a hot and cold beverage area as well as a well-equipped mini-bar.

FlexFlight Group

Heavy Business Jet

The Challenger 605 is the popular choice because of its long range capability, the premier comfort available in the aircraft as well as providing a wider cabin space.


Hot Meal Service

Onboard you will find a spacious galley with a selection of hot and cold beverages and snacks. On every flight, we serve a hot Business Class meal suitable for the time of the day.

Up to 10 passengers

The aircraft can accommodate up to 10 passengers and has a bed capacity of four, which suits the need for relaxation and comfort while travelling long range. 

Year of Manufacture 2009
Interior refurbishment 2009
Exterior refurbishment 2009
Seating configuration  
Cockpit 2
Flight Attendant 1
Cabin 10
Belted Lavatory No
Bed capacity Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes


Max range 3500nm (6.482km)
Max cruise speed 870 km/h
Max altitude 12.496m
Takeoff distance 5.800ft (1.767m)
Max cargo weight in the baggage compartment 193 kg (425 lbs)
Cargo door dimensions 87×61 cm
Baggage Volume TBAm³
Cabin height 1.85m
Cabin width 2.49m
Cabin length 866cm


Full refreshment Center Yes
Hot meal service Yes
Satcom phone Yes
Poweroutlet 110 v Yes
Ski-tube Yes
Wi-Fi on board No
Aft Lavatory with door Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes
Owner’s approval No



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