Challenger 604, OY-INV

The cabin has a generous stand-up height and over 8 feet in width.

The galley features hot and cold beverages and hot meals available upon request. Located aft is a private lavatory with flushing toilet, vanity, sink and hot water.

FlexFlight Group

Intercontinental Business Jet

The Challenger 604 intercontinental business jet sets the standard for comfort, low cabin noise levels and unprecedented cabin space.

Seat arrangement

It features an arrangement of eight club seats, all upholstered in custom dyed soft leather. The cabin also includes three comfortable divan seats.

Up to 11 passengers

The aircraft can accommodate up to 11 passengers and provide a 3.800nm range (7.037km) with non-stop connection for London to Chicago, Riyadh to Paris and other key city pairs.
Year of Manufacture 2005
Interior refurbishment 2011
Exterior refurbishment 2018
Seating configuration
Cockpit 2
Jumpseat Yes
Cabin 11
Belted Lavatory No
Bed capacity 4
Towbar Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes


Max range 3.800nm (7.037km)
Max cruise speed 870km/h
Max altitude 12.497m
Takeoff distance 5.800ft (1.767m)
Max cargo weight in the baggage compartment 193kg (425lbs)
Cargo door dimensions 87x71cm
Cabin height 1.85m
Cabin width 2.49m
Cabin length 8.66m


Cabin Attendant Yes
Hot meal service Yes
Espresso machine Yes
Dual DVD player Yes
Airshow Yes
Wi-Fi on board No
Satcom phone Yes
Aft Lavatory with door Yes
Smoking allowed No
Pets allowed Yes



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